Embodied healing

Helping Men to Embody How you Want to Feel




Who is the Embodied Men Tribe for?

This Group Program is for you if you struggle with:


  • Loneliness and asking for help

  • Feeling understood and listened to

  • Being vulnerable about how you truly feel

  • Trusting yourself when you want to say something

  • Bullying from your childhood or in your daily life.

  • Standing up for yourself in front of other people

  • Low confidence and self-doubt when approaching girls

  • Rejection leading to feelings of "I am not enough"

  • People pleasing, lying about how really feel

  • Acting like everything is OK when you know it's not.

  • Playing different roles that aren't you, wearing different masks

  • Family issues, not feeling loved or supported by your family

  • The "I know" attitude, wanting to be right all the time.

  • Shame to express yourself in your group of friends

  • Creating excuses for not doing what you really want in life.

  • Accepting, Appreciating and Surrendering to yourself

Frank Jay Pocaro


Spiritual Teacher

Mark Usher

Life Coach,

Podcast Host

Niall Carney

Personal Trainer

I have had the privilege to work then become friends with Fergus and I am absolutely inspired and amazed by his dedication, focus, and quality he gives his clients.  This guy is the real deal and world class in all that he does.

You’ve added a ton of value to my life I still remember breaking down my first encounter we had, my constant seek for approval my love for social acceptance in the world, I’ve started this year finally learning about the one true respect that will always come first, SELF RESPECT ✊, I am a hustler and grinder, driven and ambitious, and I for the first time value my own view of myself

Results from Other Men

Every time I speak with Fergus I come away feeling so full of life and bubbling over with energy to get into the projects that mean most to me. To have the ability to walk around with a smile on my face. That leaves me in no doubt any person who has the joy, privilege and honor to work with Fergus as a coach or in his group work, it's going to be a life transforming experience every single time.

I want men who will do the work.

This program will transform your life but only if you do the work.

I want committed men in this group because I pour my heart into it, I'm all in.

I give you everything I have so you need to be all in too.

If you're serious about changing your life then I'm serious about helping you to do it.

How do you want to Feel?

  Become the leader of your own life

  Release the emotions that hold you back

  Feel part of something meaningful and purposeful.

  Not alone anymore

  Safe and Strong in your body

  Loved, understood and excited about life again

  Confident to take risks because you are supported.

  Gain the tools you need to be a conscious, courageous man

  Attract the women that see and love you for who you are

  No longer needing to play anyone but yourself

 Expressing all your emotions in a healthy way

  I can now look in the mirror and feel proud to be me

  I can now truly listen to others because I can listen to myself

  I can stand up for myself, my needs and my desires

  I see women as a source of beauty and possibility and now rejection

  I am now inspiring the men around me, I am an example to them


How is the Program Structured?

Weekly Group Coaching (LIVE and Recorded)

Healing will take place on every call and each meeting will be

focused on a specific topic leading every man will be elevated to his highest version.

Weekly Q&A Calls

Dealing with the questions that each man has within the tribe.


Challenges that are specifically designed to push you outside of your comfort zone

and elevate you to become to a better version of yourself.

Full Accountability

with a member of the tribe

Individual Progress Calls with Fergus

Keeping you on track with your transformation and addressing any issues

Private Facebook Group

A safe space for you to share openly (filled with practices, inspirational content also)

Surrounding yourself with men who are on a similar mission in life will automatically increase your vibration. Imagine a life where you are encouraged on

the BIG life decisions that matter most to you?

This program is better experienced than explained so if you want more information,

jump on a call with Fergus to see if this program is a good fit for you.

Meet Fergus

Fergus is a Coach, Leader, Retreat Host and Inspirational Speaker. He has traveled the world learning and developing the methods and techniques he teaches today. Neuroscience, Psychology, inter-generational trauma are some of the areas that he covers in his work with his clients.


Fergus has the ability to upgrade your life and attract abundance and prosperity within a few weeks. He has a burning desire to help you identify the resistance that is holding you back and help you release it permanently.


This works because Fergus embodies the methods he teaches. He has discovered the solutions from his own personal journey and continues to use them every day.

"I see you and I understand. I have been there and I want to help you. I went through a lot of tough times in my life so that you don't have to. I have the solutions now and I'm passionate to share them with you."


Angel's Testimonial

"I am my own person. I now know that I am my own person.

I choose my own stories and I choose empowering stories."

Zach's Testimonial

"Fergus is passionate about what he does and remarkably good at it. I encourage to dive deeply with Fergus and be fully present because there is much to learn."

Colm's Testimonial

"There's stuff I've been carrying since childhood and he was able to sense what it was. He was able to direct me in how to deal with it. He helped me take it away and it's gone"

Jeni's Testimonial

"I didn't realize how heavy I was until after that session with Fergus. He was absolutely incredible and I can't recommended him enough."

My individual work is not for everyone but on the other side of this work is a life of fulfillment like nothing you have ever experienced before that will shift your life and the lives of those around you.


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