My Story

Using my Truth to Inspire Yours

My mission is to be an example for others on how your internal feelings shape your external reality.

My Story

Everyday I am living the script that I wrote and I can choose to change it at any time.

However, my life movie has not always looked like this. I suffered through trauma until recent times.

Childhood Neglect, Bullying and Sexual Anxiety are some notable adversities I was dealt with.
I avoided my trauma for many years and the more I avoided it, the more severe it got. I reached a point where I had to radically shift how I viewed myself.

I started deep emotional work on myself in the form of bodywork, energy healing, family constellations and other health modalities. This work was so effective for me that I became obsessed with learning it and now I use these techniques to help people overcome their physical and emotional pain.








​I feel some of us are lost. We have lost touch with who we really are by believing a narrative that is not our own. 
Our Society and past trauma have conditioned us to limit ourselves and in turn limit the possibilities in our lives.
I am here to show you how to break free from that narrative.

The low confidence you feel, does not have to be a burden in your life anymore.

The depression and anxiety that one of your parents may have, does not have to become yours anymore.
You can choose a different path.
You are the narrator of this movie called life and you can script the scene of tomorrow.

I'm excited to get started with you!

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