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Transform Trauma and Reclaim your Power

Updated: Aug 27, 2019


Interactive workshop W/ Frank Jay & Fergus Murtagh August 10th, 2019 (11am-6pm)

Trauma comes from the impact on our nervous system, whether that be emotional or physical impact. Stories become created in the mind and form a pattern or connection to the pain or sensation in the body. These stories entrap the memory in the body and block it from releasing.

We have not been taught how to process, release, and transform these traumatic experiences and therefore they are a suppressed and turn into negative & destructive mental & emotional habits and addictions that destroy families, finances and self-purpose.

Through this special one day experience in Dublin Ireland, we will dive into a live interactive workshop to heal and transform any mental and emotional habits stemmed from trauma that no longer serve your life, so that you can tap into your greatest potential and create the quality of life and relationships you desire.

What you will learn and experience in the “Transform Trauma & Reclaim Your Power” Interactive Workshop is:

• How to overcome social anxiety and increase your self-confidence

• Develop skills to transform depression into self-love and purpose

• Understand traumatic childhood and intergenerational trauma.

• Learn techniques to communicate and express yourself with confidence and clarity

• Participate in exercises designed to release and go beyond emotional and physical pain

Who this workshop is for?

• Anyone experiencing anxiety & depression on a daily basis • Anyone who has contemplated suicide • Anyone that is in destructive and unhealthy relationships • Anyone looking for increase their self-confidence • Anyone want to release sabotage around money and self-purpose

- And of course, this workshop is for anyone that is serious about their self-growth & development to be the best they can me for themselves and their loved ones.

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The Facilitators:

Frank Jay Porcaro is an International Speaker and Life Consultant that has worked and spoken with over 10,000 people in over ten countries. His work his dedicated to teaching the skills of human connection, which include and not limited to; authentic communication, opening the heart, and going beyond fear. He’s hosted dozens of retreats and workshops where people receive extraordinary results in their self confidence, a deepening of self-purpose, and the learning of the skills to live life with extraordinary focus and clarity.

“It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone to meet new people and learn new ideas. I respect you for believing in yourself enough to step up and live your life with purpose in a world where most people have given up. You’re like me, we will never give up, life is too beautiful to give up. I look forward to meeting you on August 11th” - Frank Jay

Fergus Murtagh, "Fergus" is a Therapist and Retreat Founder specialising in Emotional Trauma Therapy and has worked with many people to release the patterns that hold others back from fulfilling their true potential. Fergus uses unique techniques such as Body Awareness, Honest Connection, Trauma Embodiment, Family Constellations and much more to hold space for others to feel free and find true purpose in their lives. The people who have worked with Fergus have achieved amazing results and continue to push the boundaries of what's possible through self acceptance and congruency.

"I have a burning desire to help others release the resistance that is holding them back from enjoying their life. I believe trauma is not a fixed pattern in our lives and can be released by bringing awareness to it and releasing it in the most effective way. I am eager to witness your transformation on the 11 August and to facilitate the space where you can go all-in on what you want in life the most powerful way."
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